A testimonial from Speechcrafter Anne.

“I chose to do the Speechcraft course to help overcome my anxiety about speaking in public. I wrote and presented 3 speeches in 4 weeks and found that each time I spoke I was a little less nervous. The fact that these were in front of an online audience rather than a live audience was also helpful in combatting nerves. The course is not exclusively for people who are anxious about public speaking, it provides an overview of all aspects of speechwriting, such as how to structure a speech and how to research, reference and deliver a speech.

The course was very well organised. There was a Coordinator who sent out regular emails with meeting details, agendas and how to access the Speechcraft information, which included online tutorials about different aspects of delivering a speech and assessment forms to monitor your own progress, before, during and after the course.

I was assigned a guide who generously volunteered her time to assist me. I sent her my drafts and she watch me rehearse them on Googlechat, giving useful feedback. When I gave the speeches at the meetings she evaluated them in a supportive and encouraging way but pointed out where I could improve, such as introducing more vocal variety and relying less on my notes.

I would recommend anyone who is interested in speech-making to do the Speechcraft course. It is very good value. I enjoyed writing the speeches (on themes of my own choice), it was interesting to listen to the speeches of others and I learned how to improve my own speechmaking.”

Testimonial from Speechcrafter Jean

I joined Speechcraft so I could get my feet wet once again in Toastmasters. I had been a Toastmaster member over 10+ years ago and knew that a Speechcraft program would be an ideal way to refresh, renew, and refuel my Toastmasters journey. Sussex Online Speakers did a 4-week program and it was intensive and very well organized and attended. I learned that I could still speak with confidence and I could still get the butterflies to fly in formation. I also learned that I am still learning. I am thrilled with the opportunity the Speechcraft program provides to those who want to explore and discover their communication skills and strengths. I look forward to continuing my Toastmasters journey.