Book your place on the course starting 15 March 2022

Get the speaking skills you need in a fun and relaxed course setting offered to you by the public speaking powerhouse – Toastmasters. 

Toastmasters club Sussex Online Speakers invites you to gather with us at a Speechcraft course. Enjoy shining success at your next speaking event – perhaps an interview for the job you’ve always wanted, a huge presentation you need to make at work, or a best man (or woman) speech at your friend’s wedding. 

The speechcraft course is a digital experience and is designed to boost your confidence, improve your communication, speech-writing, public speaking and leadership skills, all in a safe and supportive environment. Log in from anywhere! 

The course begins on 15 March and tickets go on sale from 8th January. The course will last for four weeks at the same time each week. You can book the course now at the link below.

The cost is £50 – a fraction of the cost of most effective communication courses – and the course includes 8 hours of course time, a personal guide to help you give your own speeches, and attendance at a couple of meetings of our club. You will also be asked to commit to joining Sussex Online Speakers at a discounted price which we will announce later. Taking up membership is highly recommended but optional. The group size is capped at just five. Each participant (known as speechcrafters) has a personal guide throughout the course, and has ample opportunity to practise what they learned during the educational sessions. 

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