The Table Topics Evaluator provides feedback to all of the Table Topics Speakers to help them become more confident and effective.

Topics is the “fun” section of a Toastmasters meeting where we all get to practice the art of impromptu speaking which:

  • enables us to develop the skills of impromptu speaking
  • provides a valuable speaking opportunity for anybody who is not otherwise included in the meeting programme

The Table Topics Evaluator role is an excellent role to develop your evaluation skills through listening and providing brief feedback.

We advise taking on this role when you’ve done 2 or 3 Speech Evaluations and have done the Table Topics Master role as well. It is a good role to prepare yourself before being a General Evaluator.


At the Meeting

You have between 3 and 5 minutes (depending on the agenda for the meeting) to make your evaluations of what could be up to six table topics. So, you may not have more than 30 seconds to evaluate each speaker, so try not to spend too long on the early ones, and then rushing the later speakers.

During each table topic, take notes of the way each speaker tackled their question and prepare a brief evaluation of each speaker. Normally this should be based on the Commend – Recommend – Commend format.

The Toastmaster will call you to speak at the appropriate time, and you take over with a “Thankyou Mr/Madam Toastmaster, and then greet the audience by saying “Mr/Madam Toastmaster, fellow Toastmasters and most welcome guests… (or similar – it is not set in stone!)”

A suggested format would be to

  • Comment briefly on the Table Topics session overall
  • Give a commendation and recommendation to the Table Topics Master; focusing on how they facilitated the session.
    • Did they explain Table Topics clearly?
    • Did they outline the timing for each Table Topics speech?
    • Did they facilitate with confidence, segue between each speaker and lead the applause after each Speaker?
  • Provide 3 to 4 sentences of feedback on each speaker, aiming for a balance of positive and constructive feedback

When you have finished, hand back to the Toastmaster simply by saying “Mr/Madam Toastmaster”.