Welcome to our Club!

This section is for new members of the club to find their way around Toastmasters. You can always ask your mentor or buddy for further help.

There’s a lot of information available to new Toastmasters and it can be a bit bewildering at first. This page will guide you through the information that you’ll need to get started. We aim to make your time with Toastmasters as easy, enlightening, and enjoyable as we can.

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Getting a mentor/buddy

Club Committee roles and leadership

About our club

Sussex Online Speakers is currently an unchartered club. We launched in January 2021 with four founder members who very much enjoy the online experience and meeting people from other countries and continents. Since launching, we have rapidly gained members. To charter, i.e., become an official Toastmasters Club, a new club must have at least 20 members, seventeen of whom need to be new to Toastmasters, existing members transferring from another club, or lapsed Toastmasters wishing to return. We are not quite there yet. But the aim is to charter in the next few months. Meantime all our members have access to one level of a pathway so that they can get going while we work on gaining new members. The Founders are working very hard on finding the numbers we need, but you can help too by introducing your friends and family to our club.