Sunday 22 August. Three of our members have been very busy today. Two of us attended a full morning of training organised by our District (District 91) on public relations and gaining members as a result of the publicity we put out there. Public relations isn’t simply the occasional press release.

The term covers every aspect of interacting with people new to Toastmasters as well as with its members. For example, our club has recently held two Speechcraft courses, advertising them through social media. As a result we have gained some very welcome and active members to the club. This month the club is hosting an impromptu speaking workshop – again for people who know little about Toastmasters, but who know they want to hone their skills and confidence.

Our Vice President of Education, Amy Jones, was also on the serving end of another training session today – she was talking about club culture and traditions.

During one of the sessions, participants considered the assets of a Toastmasters club. The result is below:

A word cloud to describe our club

Later that evening two members attended a webinar dealing with club success plans. A club success plan is vital for a club’s development and progress, and that of its members.

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